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AUTOHOLICS ANONYMOUS isn't just a catchy name- it's a way of life. How can you tell if you are an Autoholic? Do you have more than 3 "project cars"? Can you identify a car just by looking at its airfilter? Do your fingernails always have a little grease under them? You may be an Autoholic... we say "Welcome home!"

ClassicJasik.com was started by a terminal Autoholic, Steve Jasik. Steve has more "project cars" than he has "running cars". He owns some of the finest Volkswagens around and some of the fastest cars you've seen. How about a 400 HP blown, squeezed and tweaked Mustang GT? Ask Tim Allen, he's driving the model built from Steve's prototype.

If you are looking for unique autos, you are in the right place. You can browse the cars, see the works-in-progress, and buy some Classic Jasik merchandise. Enjoy your stay, and remember, we understand your illness, we're all Autoholics here!

Be sure to check out the LATEST NEWS section for the latest Classic Jasik information.

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